1 June 2023

One year at Liverpool FC

The tale of a crazy season at LFC by Frigyes

It was for sure a crazy year for me. The fact that I was contacted in the first place to work for one of the most mythical teams in the premier league was already mind-blowing. I sat down with Jurgen Klopp and he explained to me that it was going to be difficult to repeat the last season (where they were in the final of all 4 competitions) and that he was worried about the high injury rate. When I asked what his ambitions were he told me that he wanted to leave a legacy by making LFC the best club in all departments and that he needed an osteopath for that. Challenge accepted since this seemed to me a nice project to be involved in! My personal goal: provide for an added value in this incredible team with my osteopathic skills and experience in sports medicine. 

A harsh competition, a huge team, a foreign country, it was hard in the beginning to adapt and make my influence count. From the players however I got an immediate good respons! It has been an experience to work with such high level professionals.

We didn't got off with a good start. Many reasons for that which I can't go into in this blog, but for sure the World Cup played an important role. Injury rate got up, players needed to shift and in result there was an accumulation of losses and draws. The spirit of last season was gone, the working circumstances getting only harder. 

Only thing there was left to do is to keep on working hard, focusing on the quality of work. Also staff and players kept trying very hard. And it paid off! Injured players came back out of rehab and the injury rate got down. It took until April to turn things around with important draws against Chelsea and Arsenal. The confidence got back and we didn't loose any more until the end of the season! Hard work and keeping believing were the key. We missed   the Champions League only by a point but the turning around and getting into Europa League was given the circumstances the best result possible. For having a bad season, in the end not a bad result... 

It was sure not a walk in the park but with the succes of the team my work became more appreciated as well. I was able to imply some osteopathic principles into the medical operation, got some individual successes but more importantly I was accepted by the medical staff. I'm confident that this is a good base to start a next season and even more confident that we will have learned from our mistakes and that the results will be better. As for my personal goal: provide for an added value: succeeded. 

Liverpool FC is a great club backed by an impressive 12th man. It's a goosebump moment every time they chant their slogan: You Never Walk Alone. Liverpool is also a super cool city so we are happy to stay another year!

But first a well deserved Holliday



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