What is Fasciatherapy (method Danis Bois)? 

Fascia therapy is a respectful, gentle manual therapy that responds to the body's needs and does not use manipulations. It focusses mainly on the connective tissues (the fascia).

In simple terms, a fascia treatment consists of a touch of soft pressure and slow stretching that releases the tissues, joints, nerves, and vessels. However, fasciatherapy is more than that. It is also a movement therapy, where the emphasis is on body perception and attention education.

A fascia therapist always works from the potential of the patient, from what she/he can do, and not from limitations. The therapist will guide the patients towards more awareness of their body.

Fasciatherapy therefore has an educational approach as well as a therapeutic dimension.

The strength of the therapy lies in the specialized form of touch in the treatment and the sensitivity of the therapist.

What is Fascia?

Fascia is the Latin name for connective tissue. As the word itself says, it is the binding agent between all tissues of our body. It connects all structures such as bones, organs, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves in a kind of web. The fascia plays a role in the circulation of fluids (blood, lymph), it also ensures the good exchange of nutrients thus ensuring a good tissue function. It is a reactive, sensitive tissue that responds to both psychological and physical stress. Fascia is constantly in motion, or should be movable, otherwise problems with blood flow or nerve conduction may arise. It is up to the fascia therapist to make these structures more mobile if necessary.

Which conditions would fasciatherapy be most helpful for?

  • Musculoskeletal disorders, back and neck pain, muscle and joint disorders (may or may not be sports-related)
  • Functional disorders, ranging from ‘vague’ pains of the movement or digestive system to chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.
  • Formative accompaniment for burnout, depression and attention and perception disorders
  • Stress-related conditions


Olivia is our fascia therapist. A treatment lasts 45'.  For a first appointment, we ask that you sign up: olivia@Lment.be

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