Tom De Bruyne

Handtherapist | Manual therapist

In 2015 Tom graduated at the University of Leuven as master of musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Afterwards he specialised in manual therapy at the University of Ghent and in rehabilitation of the hand in the Netherlands, Hilversum. He is an academic consultant at KU Leuven.

Competences:Tom is our hand specialist. He takes care of the rehabilitation after hand surgery or hand problems. He is as well focussed to analyse your musculoskeletal problems and help you to recover as fast as possible with an individual exercise program focussed on your complains.

Experience: Tom is working in our practice since 2015. He is also working at the University of Leuven where he teaches the practical skills of the upper limb and the cervical spine to the students of the 3th year of physiotherapy.

Person:Tom is a passionate therapist, a passionate (blind) football referee and sportive person!

Tom is every day available at Pakenstraat nr 17.

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