Olivia Commeyne

Manual therapist | Fasciatherapist

Olivia graduated from KU Leuven with a master’s in physiotherapy and rehabilitation sciences with a specialization in sports rehabilitation. She completed a post-graduate course in manual therapy in 2015 at the same university. After this she studied fasciatherapy at the Fascia College in Gent. Olivia continuously enhances her knowledge and skills, keeping up to date with evidence based practice.  

Competence: Olivia can help you with chronic back and neck injuries, as well as postnatal physiotherapy. She treats patients with a gentle but firm hand, using her expertise in fascia therapy.

Olivia is known for her holistic and functional approach, looking for the most appropriate answer to your concerns to help you reach your goals. Olivia is passionate about providing the best care possible to her patients.

Experience: In addition to her studies at KU Leuven, she also gained work experience in the Sport Medical Advice Center (SMAC- KU Leuven) and served as a physiotherapist for the first women’s team from the Hockey Club of Leuven (KHCL).She has been working at Lment since 2015, where she emerged as the therapist with a ‘gentle approach’.

Person: No challenge in healthcare is too big for her! Science and practice go hand in hand for Olivia. In her spare time she enjoys sports and plays field hockey. She lives by the motto: Just do it!

Olivia is temporarily unavailable due to her maternity leave

Mail: Olivia@LMent.be

LMent: Osteo & Fysio

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