Frigyes Vanden Auweele

sports Osteopath, D.O.

Frigyes is currently not available for appointments at LMent. He is signed at Liverpool FC until June 2024. He does remain active as acting manager of the practice. Bert Mensaert and Jelle Ceuleers take over his tasks as osteopath.

Frigyes studied osteopathy in Antwerp (FICO) after getting his Master degree in physical therapy (KU Leuven). In Ghent (IAO) He specialized in the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. He is skilled in kinesiology, fascia therapy, bike fitting and obtained the degree of ' orthomolecular therapist '. He is also an academic consultant at KU Leuven.

Expertise: Sports osteopathy and coaching of athletes. Osteopathic screening for 'energy leaks'. His work domain: Performance improvement, injury prevention and treatment of acute or chronic sports injuries. 

Experience: As a sports osteopath he is mainly working with athletes.  In the past he accompanied athletes from various disciplines, like Jasper Stuyven (Pro cyclist), Denis Odoi (soccer-Club Brugge), Anak Verhoeven (pro climbing), Frans Claes (Ultra MTB Pro Cycliste), Siebe Vanhee (Big Wall Pro climber), Ben Broeders (Olympic Pole vault). Frigyes has also been embedded in the medical staff of  OHL football team, volleybal team VHL and cycling team TREK-SEGAFREDO

As a founder he coordinates the working of the group practice and supports his team of therapists through his specialist approach.

Person: Frigyes is a recreational athlete (climbing, tennis and cycling) and proud daddy of 2 children. Currently living in Liverpool.


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