Sports Osteopathy

What is sports osteopathy?

Sportostheopathy is a specialization within osteopathy that focuses primarily on injury prevention and performance enhancement. 

Extensive training schedules or a high training load can challenge your body so much that an overload can occur. The balance between load and load capacity is disturbed. This can result in acute sports injuries. If you don't address this in time it also quickly evaluates into a chronic overuse injury. 

Sportosteopathy focuses on those aspects that disturb this balance. In the first place we look for mechanical factors that will disturb the neuro-vascular relationships in your body. But also other factors such as a poor movement pattern, sports equipment, your training schedule, nutrition, training and biorhythm can be the cause of excessive compensations, the so-called 'energy leaks'. Everything is thoroughly examined or questioned in order to understand the cause of your injury but more importantly to avoid it in the future. 

Once we have understood the causal factors, you can take them into account in your further training development. You will not only avoid injuries but also lose less energy by making your training more effective. This can result in a real performance improvement of up to 20%! This is the difference between gold or silver.... 

What does a sports osteopath do?

The sports osteopath will, through a comprehensive questioning (anamnesis) and extensive clinical examination, try to detect the underlying causes that may be causing the athlete's body to be 'out of balance' (sports osteopathic screening).   These can manifest themselves in mechanical blockages, which can disrupt muscle chain function or cause poor neurological 'steering' of your muscles. These are addressed manually by the sportosteopath, through gentle manipulations to joints and muscles. Because we now know the exact cause, we can also give the right advice to avoid injuries in the future. 

For who?

A sports osteopath is available for both amateur athletes and professional athletes. For cyclists, runners, footballers, ballet dancers, climbers,  etc. You can go to your sports osteopath for both the treatment of complaints and prevention. 

Some symptoms that you can call on a sports osteopath are: 

  • Golfer's elbow or tennis elbow 
  • Heel spur 
  • Calf Cramps 
  • Knee Complaints 
  • Groin Complaints 
  • Lower back and Neck pain 
  • Recurrent inflammation of tendons and joints 
  • Fatigue 
  • Wrist Injuries 
  • ...

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