Bert Mensaert


From his interest in the sporting and moving man, Bert in 2004 started his training as master of physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences at the KUL. Immediately after graduating, he started his training osteopathy to FICO. Bert completed this training successfully and now serves only to finish his final work for the title D.O. to wear.

Expertise: General osteopathy: back and neck problems, functional visceral complaints and sports injuries. More specifically, he gained further experience in addressing chronic and acute back and nekletsels, tinitus, migraine and tension headaches.

Experience: over the past few years did Bert a lot of experience in different practices. He joined the 2017 in manual practice as osteopath and supported fellow Frigyes in the guidance of sports teams as VHL, OHL and pull.

Person: in addition to working and studies, spends most of his free time to the athletics and more specifically the distance walk. Are endurance and perseverance, of course only for its patients come forward.

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