23 October 2019

Wonderful performance for Bert at Eindhoven Marathon

PB for Bert at Eindhoven Marathon

Under the motto "walk the talk" Bert was on October 13 at the start of his 3rd marathon in Eindhoven. The marathon also was considered Belgian championship. With 2u35', his personal best and good for 10th place in the BC. What an achievement!  His report: 

After several months of intense preparation, I was ready to improve my personal record. After two disappointing efforts over the years I would finally like to finish within the 2u38'. 

After a conservative start the pace was what pulled up halfway so I passed by a small margin on the proposed scheme, in 1u18. 

This time I could hold quite easy in the second half. I could keep up the pace and even accelerate in the last 10k.

With a time of 2u35'39 "my mission was more than successful. I came in 31st overall and  was 10th in the Belgium championship.

Next marathon I can definitely raise the bar even higher.

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