Nand Van Roy

Manual therapist 

Nand graduated at the VUB with a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences and Kinesitherapy - option Manual Therapy. He then specialised in Myofascial Therapy (dry needling). He is currently upskilling in osteopathy.

Expertise: During his training, Nand was able to expand his baggage of knowledge by doing several internships. With manual techniques and specific exercises Nand will work to improve your individual performance in sports or in everyday life.

Experience: Nand started working at LMent immediately after graduation. Here he is responsible for manual therapy and active rehabilitation. From his athletic post he is also an expert in sports physio.

Person: Nand is a driven person with a thirst for adventure, sports and music. With a past in athletic competition,  he now focuses on climbing and triathlon. His passion for music expresses itself by playing in a band.

LMent: Osteo & Fysio

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