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It is not enough to strive for the optimal aerodynamic position which gives you the most power! We seek the best position for your body! If the rider can’t hold this ‘optimal’ position the body will react and cause all sorts of negative biomechanical and neurological consequences, the so called energy leaks. This will result in a declined performance and even injury! Osteopathic screening and 3D motion analysis are complementary to obtain this customized bikefit.


Professional cyclists spend many hours on their bikes. For a perfect bikefit, an in-depth analysis of the body and the rider’s position on the bike is necessary. A Pro Cycling Bikefit includes a comprehensive structural osteopathic and functional body screening. The results of this screening will be linked with the rider’s position on the bike. After the analysis of the body and the bike position an osteopathic body intervention (if necessary) and adjustment of the bike position will be performed. Specific advice on body retraining with the personal trainer or physiotherapist will be included. Because of the direct link between the body’s functioning and the bike position, this Pro Cycling Bikefit is of added value for professional cyclists, especially when there are overuse injuries, recurrent problems or problems on the bike after a crash.


Professional cyclist who are traveling a lot this combined consultation offers them not only a better bikefit but also saves them time!

In this program our two experts, fysiotherapist Joris Verreydt of WOLF performance and osteopath Frigyes Vanden Auweele, work together in order to have the best result.

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                                           Position before and after osteopathic correction 

                                              Thanks Jasper Philipsen

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