Specialized physiotherapy 

Our expertise lies in the manual approach of back and neck injuries (whether or not sportgerelateerd), and general pain syndromes. Sports injuries, rehabilitation after hand surgery  or perinatal physiotherapy are also topics we excel in.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy focuses on disorders that arise in bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, the so-called musculoskeletal disorders. The physiotherapist tries these disorders to correct the interference by one analysis of the pathological movements. Because of this, he can not only the symptoms but also the underlying cause.

During the treatment, he applies manual techniques such as mobilisations, manipulations, tracties, myofascial techniques... in Addition, patients will receive individually adapted exercises to take home. These are designed to the load capacity of the body to increase, and the posture correct.

Indications: all acute and chronic complaints of the spine and the joints of the arm and the leg. examples: lumbago, frozen shoulder, whiplash, ...

Our Manual Therapists: Fabienne, Jelle, Tom and Olivia 


Within this specialization we focus on rehabilitation after any injuries to the hand and/or the wrist. Trauma injuries to joints or tendons for which surgery was appropriate, as well as overuse injuries by a wrong or increased use. The emphasis within the hand rehabilitation is mainly on a specific guidance and follow-up in view of the complex, specific anatomy and functional dexterity in the daily use. In addition to a manual treatment plan, be clear instructions and exercises along with you discussed and acted upon.

Tom is our hand specialist.

Perinatal fysiotherapy

Prior to giving birth we learn the expectant mothers breathing exercises, techniques and attitudes to the press to catch to induce labor. After giving birth, the emphasis is on strengthening exercises of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. There a childbirth takes a lot of your body it is definitely recommended to your muscles and joints to get in shape again!

Olivia is our expert here

LMent: Osteo & Fysio

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