2 May 2020

Corona Virus - Update

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Given the circumstances we want to take some precautions. We will switch to a complete lockdown

If everyone strictly follows the measures which our health departement gives, we can continue to guarantee your treatment. We do also rely on your common sense and assume that you will assess your priorities right. 


- updated availability: only acute problems or hand rehabilitation

- speciale measures: should your appointment go on, bring your private towel

- article: 'how to avoid contamination' (dutch)

- As of today, appointments can only be made by phone. This way, we can clearly fit your request depending on the risk you are taking by coming here.

- we will only see patients after surgery of the hand. For if you have acute pain of the back or neck, please call. We will give you advice to what you can do. 

- complete lockdown until april 6

- lockdown prolonged until april 13

- We start again on Monday April 20. Although under certain conditions: appointment.

- Exit Corona Lockdown

If you have questions: contact us

Team LMent.

LMent: Osteo & Fysio

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